oscaremboaba replied to your post “Why would Cech possibly miss out the Atletico game? When we played and won against Bayern Munich and Barcelona did we park the bus or play offensively? I’m guessing it’s the former for Bayern, right?”

personally i find counter attacking more exciting to watch than passing and passing and well more passing. annoys me when people call it negative football when we’ve shown both times it wins the match

I agree completely. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching some slick passing from time to time, but I love counter attacking football. Each team taking it in turns to run at the others’ defence at speed is usually so exciting.

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Why would Cech possibly miss out the Atletico game? When we played and won against Bayern Munich and Barcelona did we park the bus or play offensively? I'm guessing it's the former for Bayern, right?

I have heard that Cech is likelyto play in the Atletico game because he only had a virus. 

When we played Bayern and Barcelona, their attacking prowess and skill was greater than ours, and we knew that, so we defended stoically against them. At that point in the Champions League, all we wanted was to not lose. We took our opponents strengths and combatted them by defending tightly - some might call it parking the bus - but why play Barcelona or Bayern at that stage of the competition and try to outplay them? The Barca team of that time could have passed any team off the pitch. So we sat back a little, bided our time and waited to counter when we had the chance. And it worked. 

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i'm sorry, but where did you get this video from /post/83242053190/and-finally-is-cesar-the-best-right-back-youve? btw your blog is the greatest! congrats

I can’t remember, anon. It was on Chelsea TV not soon after Eden joined Chelsea because Cesar was still translating for him (despite the fact that Cesar had joined the club at the same time!). It might still be on YouTube somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it right now.

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Marcelo 12

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Happy Birthday Isco!

Mats wink ;)

140419 Bundeliga 31R (BVB vs M05)

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Willian and Oscar trying to speak French. (c)

"We have enough players and quality to cope with all competitions. With hard work, we can make it"

"Varane is very good, he’s magnificent and he’s got it all”- Fernando Hierro

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And finally, is Cesar the best right back you’ve ever played with?

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What saddens me the most is that I'm not even surprised by these results anymore. Not because of refereeing but because of totally mediocre striking options. This team will be mauled by Atletico given that it will be without Brana and Matic and perhaps Hazard and Cech.

I still think that we have a very good chance against Atletico. Its the Champions League, who knows what will happen?

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As much as today was irritating and disappointing I generally disagree with blaming a team position on refereeing. We are where we are because we lost to Villa and Palace and drew because we squander chances and have incompetent strikers for this level. You have to take responsibility for performances and we have been too mediocre for many this season.

I actually noted that we squandered our chances in front of goal. I’m in no way taking the blame off of our performance today or some of the other times we have lost this season, but you can’t help but notice just how bad some of the referees are, week after week, and nothing gets done about it.

It’s clear for all to see that our weakest position is up front, no one is doubting or debating this. What we have simply isn’t good enough. No matter how much I like all three of our strikers, they aren’t going to rival, say City or Liverpool’s strikers. I genuinely believe we could have run away with the league this season if we had a consistently dangerous striker.

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