Marco van Ginkel first interview:
"I’m very happy, Milan is a great club where many Dutchmen played.

I know Nigel [De Jong] from the National Team, I spoke with him about Milan and he told me a lot of great things about the club.

I’m a defensive midfielder, but I also know how to score; I’m a box-to-box player, like they say in England. I want to be important for the team, I’m a team player.

I haven’t spoken with Mister Inzaghi yet. I did speak with Fernando [Torres] though, we talked about Milan; he’s a good lad, I look forward to seeing him again here.”

New lock screen!


He told me he wanted to be a “soccer star,” but wouldn’t say much else, probably because his teammates were hovering around him. But later on, when I asked the coach who the strongest player was, he pointed out this boy. “We made him captain,” the coach explained, “Because he takes it the most seriously. If we lose, he won’t talk for the rest of the day. He always shows up early to practice. If we’re not around, he organizes the team and has them ready when we arrive. And if anyone loses their temper during the game, he’ll reprimand them and tell them to just focus on winning.”

(Juba, South Sudan)

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i didnt even realize how much imma miss fernando at chelsea. i actually cant believe he's gone. im upset.


i think i am going to miss his ~positive energy~ and smiling face - also bc whenever he scored people went nuts, and it NEVER got old. i think a lot of ppl supported him bc he was a chelsea player, and it’s really only shit heads on twitter and tumblr that truly got on his case just to be dicks

torres deserved a lot of criticism and his ability has waned but it’s not like he chose to be shit to mess with us haha that’s how some people act

i feel like this about every player that comes out of this club it’s just that he was such a conundrum - you loved him and hated him - it was like insanity trying to keep up hahahahha


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Behind the scenes - “Vivo: Me Liga” (x)

David Luiz + instagram videos

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