"Arena SBT" launches a campaign to help kids with cancer with David Luiz, who donates a curl of his hair.


does toni have friends at madrid? like james and all the spanish speaking transfers are hella turnt 525% of the time over there but how is toni? is he alright? is he comfortable? does he need a blanket or some pillows?

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Sergio: Luka! Nosotros, rapido. Quick! And you pass!

Sergio shows you how to communicate with your teammates bilingually

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David Luiz & Tolisso get called over by the referee 21/09/14

Chelsea fans cheered Frank Lampard when he came on and they’re cheering him now after he scored against them. Top class.


things Petr Cech deserves: everything good

do you think hazard flopped when kompany came in for the tackle in early first half?

i don’t think so? but i’d have to watch it again to give a proper opinion

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