"Everybody knows that the Premier League is the best league in the world".

17 seconds of Sergio Ramos bearing the pain before he finally lay down…

just bought tickets to see the youth play against fulham!

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Do folks think Torres will be back to Atleti in the Summer window? I know Jose has said he has a future with us but I wonder if he'd find it hard to turn down a move back to his boy-club if the offer came? I'd be happy for him to be honest - he seemed cheery to be back on Tuesday.

I’m not sure. It’s clear that Fernando loves Atletico and that Atletico loves Fernando. 

I wouldn’t rule it out considering we want their striker, so who knows how the deal will be done and if there will be players included. I could never begrudge Fernando wanting to go back to Atletico, it was special time in his career when he was there.

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Jelena is pregnant and we will be parents soon!!! #blessed #excited #InLove

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Mark Schwarzer & César Azpilicueta’s post match interview [x] [x]

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i get so so so so emotional looking at the photos and gifs from those games. when my heroes became legends. 

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I worry Jose is doing is grumpy routine because he's getting restless and agitated about being back. I love him but I don't trust him to stay.

It’s not like he’s being grumpy about nothing, though. If he was being grumpy for the sake of it, I might be a little worried, but things in the league have been a bit shitty for us, he has every right to be publicly annoyed.

Even if he was getting restless, he’s never managed at a top level club for just one season, and I doubt he’d start with us  

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